Red Alert 3

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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Red Alert 3 PC Gets Patch, Co-op Lobby, World Editor
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Red Alert 3 PC Gets Patch, Co-op Lobby, World Editor

Nick and Mike both talked about Red Alert 3 on the latest podcast, and we have some news for co-opers who own the PC version of that game.  A patch is now available, taking the game to version 1.05.  Besides your standard bug fixes adn balance tweaks, one item of interest to Co-Optimus readers has been added:  a lobby is now available for the online co-op mode.

Fans of custom map building tools will clap in anticipation of the Red Alert 3 World Builder.  Who knows, maybe you can create the ultimate co-op level!  You may recall a bit of the controversy about the games copy protection scheme, which we covered earlier.  A DRM deauthorization tool is also now available, allowing you to deactivate installations of the game, so you don't go over the limit of five PC installations.

You can download the patch and tools at the link below.


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