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New Screens Show Off Knack's Roster of Characters
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New Screens Show Off Knack's Roster of Characters

They're nice and all, but Knack can absorb metal!

Set to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 in November, Knack is a curious action adventure title from Japan Studios that stars a form-changing robot fighting against goblins who have invaded a human settlement. A handful of new screens show off some of the other important characters, as well as new abilities for our robotic pal.

According to its developer, Knack gives more than a subtle nod to classic platform games like Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot. Nothing wrong with that, in our opinion! Keeping everything easy to learn has been a high priority for the team, and from that grew a size-changing robotic protagonist who can absorb relics and elements. Oh, and there are other characters in the story. They can't change size or do anything robot-cool, but they're important, we suppose:

  • Lucas - Knack's best friend.
  • Doctor - Knack's creator who is moody and impetuous.
  • Ryder - Lucas' uncle and world famous adventurer.
  • Viktor - A billionaire industrialist. Think Tony Stark in a purple jacket.
  • Katrina - Viktor's head of security. Never loses her cool.

The story in Knack revolves around the fight with the goblins and some mysterious relics that have been uncovered. Knack can absorb these relics to change in size, ranging from three to 30 feet tall. He even gains the ability to take in other elements from the environment to grow even larger, such as ice, metal and wood. Each grants Knack a temporary ability, but they all wear off after a few moments.

Knack will be available for PlayStation 4 on launch day. It will support two player local co-op and can currently be pre-ordered via PSN.