Missing Levels for PS Vita Version of Rayman Legends Added
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Missing Levels for PS Vita Version of Rayman Legends Added

Black Betty rejoices.

The missing levels for the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends have been restored! Ubisoft recently pushed out an update that added the omitted 28 stages, which included the speed run-centric Invasion Levels and accounted for almost 12% of the total game. Crisis averted, everyone exhale.

Not long after its September launch, players of the Vita incarnation of Rayman Legends noticed something was amiss. The game hit all the big gaming platforms at about the same time, but strangely the portable system's copy felt a little light. Ubisoft quickly confirmed that the levels weren't there and would be making their way Vita-side before too long, but it still stung a little bit, you know? Especially when this game is all about practicing each level down to a memorized science.

Despite its many delays and this whole Vita fiasco, Rayman Legends turned out pretty darn all right. The game itself is spontaneous and creative, throwing you into all sorts of mad situations and letting you jump and punch your way out. Co-op supports four players for every system except the Vita, which only supports two. Wii U owners can get five people in on the fun with one person using the touch screen to clear obstacles and collect lums.

Now that all the current gen platforms are complete, all that's left is a little Rayman for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Blog.ubi.com

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