Download a Demo of Rayman Legends Now From the Wii U eShop
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Download a Demo of Rayman Legends Now From the Wii U eShop

My first demo download for the Wii U console and I'm sold.

February 26th isn’t too far off if you’re a fan of Rayman games. But if you simply can’t wait that long, access your Wii U’s eShop Channel now to download a small demo of Rayman Legends to try out its wickedly fun co-op mode.

Now, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to actually find the game to play once I downloaded the demo onto my Wii U, so I’ll explain very briefly how to do it for anyone else:

Once you enter the Nintendo eShop Channel, you can find it at the very bottom of the Downloadable Games section (on page #2). After hitting “Download” to begin retrieving the demo, make sure to press the “Home” button at the bottom of your GamePad and hit the “Download Management” feature. There, you’ll be given the option to officially download the demo onto your system.

The full download is worth 577MB of data space, but there should be no reason why anyone wouldn’t have spare room so early into the Wii U’s launch window. Be aware, however, that this demo software is only good for 30 plays total (though I am not completely sure if you’re unable to re-download the demo again afterwards). You’ll have access to a few levels to try out for starters, such as “Teensies in Trouble”, “Toad Story”, and “Castle Rock”, and get a good feel for Rayman Legends’ mechanics. The “Castle Rock” level instantly reminded me of Bit.Trip Runner, but with a funny Rayman version of “Black Betty” playing in the background. I can honestly say that I’m very much looking forward to Rayman Legends next year after playing this demo.

Download the demo today and tell us what you think about the game so far!