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Red Alert 3 Coming to Playstation 3 as "Ultimate Edition"
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Red Alert 3 Coming to Playstation 3 as "Ultimate Edition"

Previously, the Playstation 3 version of real-time strategy title Red Alert 3 was put on "indefinite hold" by Electronic Arts. In November, it was revealed that a potential Playstation 3 version was in the works, and would include special features not seen on any other platform.

Now, PS3 Fanboy reports that an EA Store listing -- now apparently removed -- has revealed the exclusive content, as well as practically confirming the title, despite no official renouncement of the hold status.

Click "Read More" to see the details that PS3 Fanboy found in the listing...


Find bloopers, behind the scenes, and developer strategy videos. There will also be brand new battleground maps. You'll be able to access the soundtrack from the game, and study with a built-in Unit Profiles video encyclopedia. To top it all, there's an exclusive HD version of a video feature, "Girls of RA3," which focuses on the women featured in the game.

Maybe I've finally found a reason to buy a PS3... Forget the new maps; just give me the video feature.


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