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"Titan Quest" Developers form Crate Entertainment
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"Titan Quest" Developers form Crate Entertainment

Developers of the co-op Action/RPG Titan Quest have formed their own studio a few months after the previous studio, Iron Lore, was shut down.  Best of all, the developers have actually bought back the rights to the a game they were working on called Black Legion.

Black Legion is an Xbox 360 Action/RPG being developed by Crate Entertainment.  Currently they are shopping the game around to different publishers.

"One of our real goals [with Black Legion] is to take the solid game play we established in Titan Quest and repackage it to make it sort of grittier and more appealing to the mainstream audience"  Arthur Bruno - Crate Entertainment Founder

Lets hope whatever Black Legion is, it has co-op. 

Source: Shacknews.com