Zombie Hunter Inc.

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Want to Kill the Mindless Undead? Zombie Hunter Inc Will Deliver.
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Want to Kill the Mindless Undead? Zombie Hunter Inc Will Deliver.

And it will pay you for it, too.

Zombie Hunter Inc from Maya Gameworks is a rough and gruff shooting game that's all about making big gooey piles of zombie corpses. Er, un-reanimated zombie corpses, that is. Inspired by the likes of Castle Crashers and Seal Hunter, you have seven minutes to stave off the hordes. Use the cash given to you by the sheriff to purchase better guns, all so you can head back out there and kill zombies even faster.

Accuracy is king in Zombie Hunter Inc, so to facilitate this you can only aim to the left or right. It's kind of fitting seeing as how the zombies crawl in horizontally, so don't think of it as that big of a handicap. Strafe across the screen, move, shoot, move again, shoot again. That's the key! Hitting zombies in the head is also the key, because everybody knows that's the only way to re-kill them.

Co-op in this zombie shoot-a-thon comes in the form of a cooperative campaign mode. You and up to three friends join together to protect the right side of the screen from the increasingly strong (and increasingly numerous) hordes. Currently there are about ten types of zombies that will come after you, but you have 16 different types of weapons and ten secondary gadgets, which means you win!

Zombie Hunter Inc is currently in alpha, which is available to download and take for a spin, although only with two player local co-op. The game is expected to hit beta sometime this summer.

Source: Indiedb.com