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Steam Launches Curator Stores, Follow Ours For Co-Op Recommendations
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Steam Launches Curator Stores, Follow Ours For Co-Op Recommendations

We launch our co-op recommendations

As Steam begins to grow ever larger, with a catalog that's approaching 4,000 games, it's becoming more and more difficult to find the content you want when you want it. Valve have just updated the store with some pretty big changes, making it all about the games you want and like.

The first part of the update is called Your Queue and it's built around a recommendation engine based on games in your wish list, you like and previous purchases. You can also change the store to only display certain items - for instance you can hide things you already own or DLC. 

The other major part of the update involves the community at large and the smaller sub communities underneath. Called Curators, these stores allows Steam Groups to recommend games to users directly. There's already a ton of curators out there to follow to find new and exciting games on Steam. While the features are pretty bare bones from the curator side - basically you can write a short description and link to a review - it'll be interesting to see how it grows over time. 

If you're looking for recommendations for co-op games, be sure to follow us on The Co-Optimus Steam Curator Store. We're going to try to keep up with suggestions at least every week or two, depending on content availability. And don't forget you can always join our Steam group to find other co-op gamers or use our Steam Matching tool to find the co-op games you share with friends!

Source: Store.steampowered.com