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NYCC 2014 Show Floor and Statue Picture Gallery
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NYCC 2014 Show Floor and Statue Picture Gallery

I want everyone of those statues.

Almost every year I trek out to New York Comic Con to see what's going on in a world of entertainment I ashamedly don't follow close enough. I absolutely adore the art and style that oozes out of every corner of the show floor.  There's a lot to take in at the show and we've got the pictures to prove it.

Artists sell their unique prints and wares that they painstakingly spent hours upon hours to make. There's so many works of art to admire in many forms - from t-shirts to prints, paintings to comic books - if you enjoy pictures there's something here for you. The other half of the show consists of pop geek culture like Dr. Who, The Walking Dead and plenty of other forms of entertainment we all enjoy. Finally there's the video games, whose presence has died down over the years, but still is a mainstay on the show floor.

My personal favorite thing are the collectible statues, which if finances would allow, would be an extremely expensive hobby. These typically range from $100 to $1000 and come in various sizes from 8 inches up to a few feet. There were ones based on comic book characters, movie characters and plenty of video game characters too. 

All in all it was a solid showing this year and the crowds on a Thursday weren't horrible. My wallet will be happy too as I only spent $10 on a Dr. Who munny.