Bust Some Ghosts in the Upcoming Co-Op Platformer Extreme Exorcism
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Bust Some Ghosts in the Upcoming Co-Op Platformer Extreme Exorcism

Nobody's been afraid of no ghosts since 1984.

Sometimes, a good old fashioned screaming in tongues exorcism just isn't dramatic enough. Sometimes you need something a little more... extreme. The upcoming platformer from Golden Ruby Games aims to do just that, providing some four player co-op goodness along with plenty of ghost busting.

Extreme Exorcism is a fast-paced old school platformer that stars Mae Barrons, a medium who decided the best way to deal with ghosts isn't crystal balls, it's guns, rocket launchers and 18 other weapons. She uses these weapons to rid the world of one ghost after another, extreme style. It's sort of like pulling the sheet off of their ghostly heads. Actually, scratch that, it's like burning the sheet off of their heads, then taking the ashes and crushing them under a thwomp. That's extreme enough, right?

The twist in Extreme Exorcism is that every action will come back to haunt you. Ghosts copy what they see, so if you jump to a platform, they jump to a platform, quickly turning innocent hop and shoot tactics into an exercise in self-immolation. Think about everything you do before you do it, no matter how awesome and extreme it may be. Co-op mode supports four local players dispatching spooks on the same screen. There's even co-op party mode, co-op campaign, and deathmatches for those times when working together just isn't, you know, working.

Extreme Exorcism is heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

Source: Gamespot.com