PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate

    Indie Bundle Features PixelJunk Shooter, Monsters, and Four More Co-Op Games
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    Indie Bundle Features PixelJunk Shooter, Monsters, and Four More Co-Op Games

    And it's so inexpensive you'll scream.

    Bundle Stars is back with another incredibly cheap collection of indie games celebrating... um... things. The Abstract Bundle packs together ten different Steam games of varying genres and styles, but the important part is more than half of them have co-op!

    Some of the games in the bundle are less abstract than others, but when the price tag is a paltry $2.49 (97% less than the full retail price), suddenly all other considerations are thrown out the window. Six out of ten games have local co-op modes to soak in, and one of them even has online co-op so you can be social while sitting around in your jammies.

    Full list of games in the Abstract Bundle:

    • PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate - Tower defense with online and local co-op modes.
    • PixelJunk Shooter - The famed exploration shooter with local co-op.
    • Meltdown - Tactical arcade shooter with co-op for all.
    • Vangers - A sandbox racing RPG (yes). No co-op.
    • Megabyte Punch - A beat 'em up with local co-op.
    • Pulstar - Arcade game with local co-op.
    • Secrets of Raetikon - Surreal exploration action adventure game. No co-op.
    • Knights of Pen and Paper 1 Edition - Pixel art RPG with a nice twist. No co-op.
    • Velocibox - Twitch heavy action game for one player.
    • Great Permutator - An insane programming puzzle game. No co-op.

    The bundle sells for a flat price of $2.49. All games come with Steam keys, and all are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The deal runs until January 20th.

    Source: Bundlestars.com