Terra Battle

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Terra Battle's Co-Op Mode Is Out
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Terra Battle's Co-Op Mode Is Out

With enough exposed midriffs for you both to enjoy!

If you happen to be one of the 1.5 million people who've downloaded Terra Battle, you may have noticed the "Co-Op Play," menu option. It's been disabled since the game launched in October of 2014, acting as an ever-promising sign of things to come. Developer Mistwalker announced earlier this week that Co-Op play is finally out on both Android and iOS versions of the tactical rpg/puzzle game.

The co-op mode is a splinter off the single player. You and a buddy launch your teams on the field and take turns just like you would in the campaign against hordes of monsters. The new feature in Co-Op play is the ubiquitous RPG feature: Summons. During your buddy's turn, you can tap the screen to power up a Summon for your turn to blast the baddies to bits. No doubt this concession was made after playing a few games with a friend who spent three minutes pondering each move, silently musing to themselves at their own craftiness. 

Never heard of Terra Battle? It's a free to play tactical RPG made by all of the folks who developed the original Final Fantasy way back at the beginning of time. You play on a grid and endure several waves of monsters thrown at you with a party you've recruited. Party members are randomly recruited with various skill sets and abilities. Flank a monster with two of your party members to "attack" it. Chaining your characters up lets them perform combos. It's a simple, fun game to play if you've got your phone at your fingertips and a few minutes to level up your homies.