Bubble Symphony

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Co-Op Video Walkthrough: Bubble Symphony
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Co-Op Video Walkthrough: Bubble Symphony

How to train your bubble-spewing dragon

Earlier this week, Co-Optimus took on the Sega Saturn Bubble Bobble sequel Bubble Symphony and emerged victorious, earning the game's ludicrously difficult-to-achieve "good" ending. My partner Alex and I streamed the playthrough live, and an archive is embedded below.

As we mentioned during the stream, YouTube hosts several co-op playthroughs of Bubble Symphony, but none of them explain how to access the game's final world and true ending. If you want to see a side of Bubble Symphony that you've never seen before, watch our walkthrough for a full rundown.

It turns out that Bubble Symphony is way more fun and interesting if you try to complete the additional challenges required for the true ending, and it's a path that's very much worth exploring if you're a longtime Bubble Bobble fan. Give it a shot sometime, and let us know how you fare on your adventure!

(Note: If you're truly hardcore, you can access an even better ending if you follow the steps we outlined while playing in "Super Game" mode. Enter the code "Up, C, Right, B, A, Left, C, Down" at the main menu to activate it. We briefly go over Super Game in the final minutes of the stream, and if you decide to attempt it, make sure you're ready to put your Bubble Bobble skills to the ultimate test. Good luck.)