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WWE15 & Project CARS Drops 25% Before Launch & Co-Op Deals Roundup
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WWE15 & Project CARS Drops 25% Before Launch & Co-Op Deals Roundup

Also some console hardware deals for the week too!

This week marks the worldwide release of Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios. The game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for $49.99... but if PC is your platform of choice you can slash that price tag to $37.50 at GMG. There a 25% off coupon code cuts $12.50 off the MSRP making the best price online from a digitally authorized retailer. While the co-op career mode won't be available come launch day, it has been stated that it will arrive as a free expansion in the near future.

There's plenty of other multiplayer and co-op gaming deals worth checking out this week but some of the best are made with that same coupon code, which is not exclusive to Project CARS and works on other recent PC releases. This month saw the PC debut of Grand Theft Auto V which drops from $59.99 to only $45 after coupon (key provided by GMG is a Rockstar Games Social Club produce code). Also this months' release of WWE 2K15K on Steam has dropped down from $49.99 to only $37.50 at the same retailer.

For those looking for a console, while Spring/Summer transition point isn't exactly a typical sales event time, Best Buy is throwing in a free copy of Destiny with every purchase of a PS4. Meanwhile, Nintendo's 8th gen console is on sale for $260 on eBay via powerseller BLUTEK.

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