Minecraft: Pocket Edition Adds Skin Support, Fishing, Baby Zombies
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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Adds Skin Support, Fishing, Baby Zombies

Bring a pet in your boat! AAHHH!

You know how mobile ports of PC and console games always get left behind when it comes to new features? Minecraft: Pocket Edition players know what I'm talking about. The portable version of the block stacking game inches closer to parallel features for its PC counterpart, including fishing, skin support, and boats that hold a player and their pet. Aww!

But wait, there's more! The update adds support for multiple languages, which isn't as sexy as the other features but goes a long way for helping more people jump into the game. In the same category of "boring but useful" features is the new World Edit screen lets you rename saves, change game modes and more. Once you're inside riding on your two player boat, you might encounter baby zombies, bats, cave spiders, spider jockeys, or squid, because they're now in the game! And if you do encounter them, why not throw a snowball or an egg from the comfort of that two seater boat of yours? Aww yeah, Minecraft, baby!

Oh, and the skin thing. Player skins can now be created, uploaded and swapped using the Minecraft Skin Studio app. Paid bundles will be available soon, just like for the console versions of the game, along with free professionally made themes skin packs.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available for Android and iOS devices with online support for up to ten players. The new update is currently available, so head out there and get to fishing.

Source: Mojang.com

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