Co-Optimus - News - Minecraft Launches Free Educational DLC for Cooped Up Kids
Minecraft Launches Free Educational DLC for Cooped Up Kids
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Minecraft Launches Free Educational DLC for Cooped Up Kids

Building a productive society despite the COVID-19 Quarantine

In these unprecedented times during the Corona virus outbreak that is plaguing the world, many of us are stuck in doors due to government mandated "stay at home" orders. While many schools are attempting to offer remote learning possibilities for children, not all have the access or attention the fully get engaged. Microsoft's Minecraft game is hoping to help a little bit by offering free educational content through the Minecraft marketplace.

If you head over to the Minecraft Marketplace, you will find some of our favorite lessons from Minecraft: Education Edition in a brand new Education category. These educational worlds can be played on your own, with your kids, parents or friends. From the comfort of your home, you can tour the International Space Station or even explore the inside of a human eye. We’ve also included ten worlds from our Marketplace creator community! Thanks to creators EverbloomJigarbovLifeboatRazzleberriesThe World FoundryBlockworks, and Imagiverse you can explore renewable energy, marine biology, Greek history, and more! The worlds include lesson plans like creative writing activities, build challenges, and tricky puzzles. 

All of this content is available for free and offers different ways to exercise your brain. The best part is it all can be experienced in co-op play or even "co-pilot" play which "can be especially helpful for children, new gamers or those who need unique configurations to play, allowing two controllers to play as if they were one."

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even PlayStation 4.