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Burnout Paradise Car Packs Leak, Legendary Pricing Explained
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Burnout Paradise Car Packs Leak, Legendary Pricing Explained

Last week when Criterion and Microsoft released the Legendary Car pack on Xbox Live, they accidentally released another pack that's coming for 8 player co-op racer Burnout Paradise.  

The first is called the "Toy Cars Pack" - it's set to feature a handful of vehicles small in size but big in performance.  These miniature versions of people's favorite vehicles were available individually and as a full set.

The next pack called the "Time Savers Pack" seems to be more a cheat code, and allows you to "unlock all cars and bikes" but don't have the time to complete the challenges.  Finally the "Boost Specials Collection" is a two car pack that features the Hawker Mech and Carson Extreme Hot Rod.  

These packs have since been pulled, so pricing is not currently available.  Speaking of pricing, remember the fiasco that was the Jansen 88 special and the double price for the vehicle?  MTV Multiplayer tried to dig to the bottom of the problem.  The response?

“It’s because it can drive and fly (time travel is free :)),” said an Electronic Arts spokesperson in an e-mail last week.

Hmm.  Seems like a weak excuse to me.  With all the new cars available, Criterion sure is doing a good job keeping the life of this game going despite any pricing snafus.

Source: Multiplayerblog.mtv.com