Pixel Privateers

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Get Your Loot On With Pixel Privateers
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Get Your Loot On With Pixel Privateers

Avast me retro-styled hearties

This next title is a little different from the others we've seen over the past few days. From the developers of Terraria and Pixel Piracy comes Pixel Privateers, a tactical squad based RPG "loot 'em up."

The setup here is that you and your squad of mercenaries (which can be controlled by up to three of your friends) are sent through a wormhole to gather new tech for your employer. As is the nature of these sorts of ventures, you get trapped on the other side and left on your own to explore the new galaxy and survive.

While there's no official release date just yet, the Steam store page has a "Q1 2016" date, meaning we should expect to see this title go live sometime in the next couple months.

Source: Vg247.com