Salt and Sanctuary

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
PlayStation's Launch Party Features a Selection of Co-Op Titles
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PlayStation's Launch Party Features a Selection of Co-Op Titles

Things kick off with Salt and Sanctuary

The PlayStation Store Launch Party got underway today with the release of Ska Studios' latest title, Salt and Sanctuary. An action platformer that shares more than a few ideas in common with the popular Dark Souls series, Salt and Sanctuary also allows two players to team up for some local co-op action. It's not the only cooperative title that will be a part of the party, however.

Every week over the course of the next month, a new title will debut on the PSN Store. While some of these games will be solo affairs, there are a couple of anticipated co-op releases in the mix as well. A couple weeks from now, Enter the Gungeon will finally arrive and then a few weeks later will be Housemarque's newest shoot-em-up, Alienation. As a part of this special event, pre-ordering any of these titles through the PlayStation Store will get you a bonus 10% off.

Sadly, you can't take advantage of that discount for Salt and Sanctuary, but if you're still interested in the title, then you can take some solace in the knowledge that there's a PS Vita version in the works that will be cross-buy. So pay now and be able to play on the go later!

Salt and Sanctuary is now available via the PS Store for $17.99, while Enter the Gungeon is $13.49 and Alienation is $17.99, thanks to that discount.