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Time to killallzombies on Xbox One
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Time to killallzombies on Xbox One

I must have killed them all by now

Isn't the zombie species extinct by now?  Beatshapers finally want to put an end to the undead by releasing killallzombies on Xbox One today, August 10th.

Kill is a twin stick shooter with a difference, the community can get involved and make your chances of survival worse:

Xbox Live and Twitch spectators can vote upon how many zombies they want to uncage to make staying alive all the more difficult, or trigger perks and pickup drops to help out if they admire your courage and skill.

The more observant of you may be aware that the game was unleashed on PlayStation 4 in 2014 and had a local co-op mode added in 2015.  The One version will contain the two player local co-op mode from the start.  Check out the trailer below to see if you can stand to kill more zombies:


Source: News.xbox.com