Feel the Snow

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Feel the Snow Out Now for Steam Early Access, On Sale
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Feel the Snow Out Now for Steam Early Access, On Sale

Snow, surprisingly, feels a lot like a survival game

If you enjoy snowmen, crafting, and puzzles, then Owlet's Feel the Snow may be the game for you. The first title from this two-man development team hit Steam Early Access last Friday and is on sale for 20% off until this Friday.

The core conceit of the title is survival. You'll go out in the world, battle foes, gather materials, and craft shelter/gear/food. The more you're able to build up your resources and home base, the further afield you'll be able to go. There are classes - Melee, Range, and Mage - from which you can choose and (to a limited degree) spec out, and all of this can be done cooperatively with up to three other players.

Feel the Snow is available now via Steam Early Access for $8.99 (regularly), and just $7.19 (the sale price) until this Friday, October 21. The title supports four player online co-op throughout the main game mode.