HyperX Cloud Revolver S Headset Review - Page 2

So it’s clear that the audio impressed me, but what about the microphone? As many of you will probably agree, a good microphone is equally important for a gaming headset. The microphone is attached with a jack into the left earcup. It’s made of a moldable plastic, which is easily adjustable to get the perfect angle and distance from your mouth, but won’t be displaced easily with a stray bump of your hand (an issue I’ve had in the past with mics on the end of an adjustable wire). The mic doesn’t swing up or retract, but instead can be simply detached from the frame when you don’t need it. On the sound side of things, the mic has “digitally enhanced noise-cancelling” technology. While many headset microphones advertise advanced noise-cancelling features, I haven’t noticed any significant differences between them. Once again, though, the Revolver S surprised me. Background noise is significantly reduced and one of my friends commented on Mumble that it suddenly sounded like I was speaking from a vacuum when I switched headsets. He’d been so used to my background noise, that he immediately noticed when it was gone. I found that to be pretty impressive.

I honestly had to dig pretty deep for negatives of this headset, but I was able to pick out a couple of minor issues that others may have with the headset. Since the mic doesn’t swivel up, the headset must be placed on its back when put down, which can lead to some awkward wrist-twisting when stepping away from the computer for a minute.The second issue is with one of the headset’s selling points: it claims that it helps players hear enemies from further away in FPS games with its unique sound stage. I’m not sure if this is true or even possible. I can see what they’re going for with the Revolver S’s surround sound offering better sound separation, but it does seem to be a big leap of reasoning. While I think gamers are used to overly strong games like this (and tamp their expectations accordingly), this is certainly something to be aware of.

The biggest and most obvious issue is the $150 price point, which is quite expensive for a headset. The features and performance make me feel that the price point is fair, but the question is whether it’s “worth it.” I think that if you’re looking for an extremely impressive and high-quality, multi-platform headset with surround sound, and $150 is within your price range, then you won’t be disappointed with the Cloud Revolver S. As far as structure and performance, I couldn’t find anything I was unhappy with (my two quibbles were the best I could do), and everything I’ve experienced with it in the last two weeks has made me feel that it will last me a long time. I’d easily recommend the Revolver S to anyone looking to buy a high-end headset (and actually, already have to a personal friend), but obviously not even an outstanding headset is worth breaking the bank for.

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