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Local Split-Screen Confirmed for Terminator: Salvation
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Local Split-Screen Confirmed for Terminator: Salvation

GamePro.com has a nice, optimistic two-page preview of Terminator: Salvation, the prequel tie-in game to the upcoming movie. According to the preview, we will have the chance to blow away Skynet mechs with a local co-op buddy come May 19th:


Two-player cooperative play [is] a heavy emphasis in Terminator Salvation. And though co-op is currently limited to split-screen play, the developer is hoping to add an online co-op component before the game ships this May.

The preview goes on to describe portions of the game that will include on-rails shooting segments and portions that require a measure of stealth.

Graphically, the game looks good - especially the effects. It sounds pretty generic in terms of gameplay, but we know that adding co-op to mediocre games can supplement the experience. We've posted an embedded trailer after the "Read More" link for you to decide for yourself.



Source: Gamepro.com