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Big Things From Little Big Planets User Created Content
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Big Things From Little Big Planets User Created Content

User created content is always something to look at in games, especially ones with only 8 levels in the story mode. Little Big Planet has taken the user created content one step further by adding an entire community behind it. Building levels co-op style with your buddies, then sharing them online has helped Little Big Planet hit an impressive milestone. Media Molecule has recently announced that Little Big Planet has over 600,000 user created levels!

“Since its launch last October, LittleBigPlanet has made a tremendous impact on the game industry and overall gaming community by allowing players from across the globe to interact through the LittleBigPlanet online community via shared levels and objects, rankings and user comments”

Enjoy entire Classic platforming games remade, to recreated movie trailers, and even some things you might not expect, that have put the PS3 to great use. Celebrate Little Big Planet's 600,000 user created levels by using them, and make some levels with your friends to contribute to the mix!