Auto Age: Standoff

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Auto Age: Standoff Giveaway and Update
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Auto Age: Standoff Giveaway and Update

The 80s are suddenly cool again

Let's face it, the 80s are cool again. Whether it's synth music, Stranger Things, or remakes of classic cartoons like Voltron - every 80s child is yearning to relive a kinder and easier time of their life. Today's giveaway will help you remember those 80s cartoons - it's a vehicle combat game called Auto Age: Standoff and it features some slick animation like those Saturday morning cartoons you so fondly remember.

The game is getting a huge update today, bringing it to version 1.3

- Six new vehicles, bringing the grand total to 21.
- Two additional factions fighting for domination.
- Aerie, the new Deathmatch map for 2-8 players.
- Horde mode. Survive and rack up the kills.
- Elimination mode. Say goodbye to infinite lives.
- Damage multipliers, improved AI, and more.

In terms of co-op play you can team up with a friend or enter the new survival horde mode with up to three other players taking out as many of those pesky vehicles as you can. The game is also 50% off right now for the Steam Winter Sale - bringing it in at the fair price of only $5. 

We've got 5 codes to giveaway for the game, simply fill in the info below and see if you've been chosen as a lucky winner.  Good luck!

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