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The 80s are suddenly cool again

Auto Age: Standoff Giveaway and Update

Let's face it, the 80s are cool again. Whether it's synth music, Stranger Things, or remakes of classic cartoons like Voltron - every 80s child is yearning to relive a kinder and easier time of their life. Today's giveaway will help you remember those 80s cartoons - it's a vehicle combat game called Auto Age: Standoff and it features some slick animation like those Saturday morning cartoons you so fondly remember.

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We become as gods

SMITE Shadows Over Hercopolis Stream Recap, Code Giveaway

Earlier this week, Hi-Rez added a new co-op adventure to their F2P god battler, SMITE. We decided to dive in and check it out, despite our lack of skill or knowledge about the game. We've also got a few codes to giveaway that will net you the "Ultimate God Pack" (which means you'll be able to play all currently available gods, and all future ones as well) and add 10k gems (the premium currency) to your account.

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