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Engage in Some Next Generation DLC for Star Trek: Bridge Crew
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Engage in Some Next Generation DLC for Star Trek: Bridge Crew

PS4 first, PC in July

Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment's Star Trek: Bridge Crew is getting its first bit of DLC today on the PlayStation 4 with some content that will undoubtedly make some Star Trek fans happy. With the "Next Generation DLC," you and your buddies can step onto the bridge of Picard's NCC-1701D Enterprise and take on one of the universe's biggest threats: the Borg.

So what else do you get with the DLC? Glad you asked!

  • New Enemies - Romulans
  • New Enemies - The Borg
  • New Uniforms - TNG era uniforms
  • New Avatars - Soong-type androids (i.e., Data and Lore)
  • Increased the number of solar systems that are utilized by Ongoing Voyages (the randomized mission generator)
  • Two New Ongoing Voyage Mission Types - "Resistance" and "Patrol"

Now in that last bullet point, there's something worth calling out/noting. The "Resistance" Ongoing Voyage mission type will pit you and your crew against a Borg Cube. Players will be tasked with completing random objectives in order to acquire new technology to help in their battle against the Borg, but there's a catch: every time you encounter the Borg, they'll (naturally) adapt to your strategies and tech, meaning you'll have to adapt new strategies the next time you face them. It's a pretty interesting gameplay mechanic that also keeps with the whole "Star Trek" universe. If you're curious about knowing more, check out the PlayStation Blog post where a designer from Red Storm Entertainment discusses it in more depth.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is available on PC and PlayStation 4. The game is VR enabled, but a VR headset is no longer required to play. Four player online co-op is supported on the PlayStation 4, and four player online and four player LAN co-op is supported on PC. The "Next Generation DLC" is available today for PlayStation 4, and will be available on the PC on July 21, 2018.

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