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Painkiller Sequel Offers Exploding Schoolbuses, Co-Op
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Painkiller Sequel Offers Exploding Schoolbuses, Co-Op

The original Painkiller is one of my favorite over-the-top, mindless shooters- right up there with the Dooms, Duke Nukem 3Ds and Serious Sams of the world.  So, when IGN UK received word that a new chapter in the series, Painkiller: Resurrection, is being developed for PC (with a later release on 360) and a fourth quarter release this year, my heart went aflutter.  What's more, the lovely developers at Homegrown Games have decided to include cooperative play! To wit:

"Perhaps the best thing about multiplayer, however, is that the game will, for the first time in the series' history, feature an entirely cooperative campaign. Players will now be able to fight their way through Purgatory with a friend by their side."

Apparently, the game begins with the main character accidentally blowing up a schoolbus. For more screens and information, check out the IGN UK article linked below.

Source: Uk.pc.ign.com