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Join Us for Extra Life 2019!
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Join Us for Extra Life 2019!

Support your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital

Co-Optimus has been a supporter of Extra Life for 8 years, raising much needed donations that benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. As always, we invite you, our dear readers, to participate in any way you can. We'd love to have you on our team, spread the word on social media, donate to our team members, or even provide moral support in our chat room during our 24 hour marathon live-stream. Any and every way you can help is greatly appreciated!

Extra Life is a charity organized by gamers who want nothing more than to see kids happy, healthy, and most importantly, out of the hospital. When you donate to a team member's page on Extra Life, your donation goes straight to the hospital as shown on their page. In most cases, that hospital is the team member's local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, but in some cases, like mine, the hospital they chose may hold a much greater significance. In my case, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin saved my daughter's life by caring for her after she was born three months early.

Gamers from all over the globe participate in Extra Life every year, and most join in on the annual Game Day when we traditionally play games for 24 hours straight. This year, Game Day is November 2nd, and we'd love you have more team members join us, even if you can't play the whole 24 hours. Some of us only play 12 hours, while others split their time up over a few days. It's really up to you how you wish to participate. If this sounds like something you're interested in, head on over to our team page and join us!

Of course, the most important part of Extra Life is raising donations for our beloved hospitals. If you're participating as a team member, I highly recommend upgrading your membership to the platinum level so you are eligible for the various giveaways and prizes based on how much you raise. Then make a donation to your own page to show your support, and show your potential donors that you are truly invested in Extra Life. As an added bonus for joining the Co-Optimus team, every team member will receive a $10 donation from me, your team captain!

If you're not participating, you can donate by picking a team member on our roster, then clicking on the big "Donate" button on their page.

A cool new feature this year is a full integration with Facebook's fundraiser platform. Now you can create a Facebook fundraiser from your Extra Life page so your Facebook friends don't even need to leave Facebook to make a donation to your campaign. How cool is that?

On November 2nd, we'll be streaming all of our shenanigans on our Twitch channel, so give us a follow and subscribe so you don't miss out on the action. We'd love to have people to chat with and, if the games allow for it, we could use more co-op buddies too!