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Font and style choices will always be subjective, but I find I slightly prefer the straight-forwardness of 2020’s style. I certainly enjoy the extra luminosity options more - the shifting colors behind the words “ENTER” and “SHIFT” look pretty darn sleek. All in all, I think 2020’s keycaps are a smart iteration on 2019’s, which further capitalize on the strengths the pudding keycaps bring to the table. HyperX has never been a brand to rest on its laurels (something I deeply respect), and again we see them moving forward and improving on something tried and true. If you have 2019’s keycaps, should you run out and buy 2020’s to replace them? I wouldn’t, since those keycaps serve just as well in terms of functionality. However, if you are looking for some snazzy new keycaps as a luxury upgrade for your keyboard, I don’t think you can go wrong with these new 2020 Double Shot PBT Keycaps.

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