Signature Edition of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Arrives on PlayStation 5
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Signature Edition of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Arrives on PlayStation 5

Get PlayStation 5-specific standard and Signature Editions of Shredder's Revenge, dudes!

PlayStation 5-specific retail copies of games are a thing for some reason. Nobody wants a physical copy that says PlayStation 4 on it nowadays! Merge games knows this, and so they've just released new TMNT: Shredder's Revenge physical editions for PlayStation 5. Available in both standard and Signature editions, these PlayStation 5-specific versions of Shredder's Revenge can be ordered online or bought at retail in the UK and other international markets.

Merge's Standard Edition of Shredder's Revenge for PlayStation 5 sells for $34.99 (£29.99/€34.99-£34.99/€39.99 for Europeans) and contains: 

  • Region-free copy of the game
  • 24-page “Pocket Guide” featuring character bios and in-game animation sprites
  • Flexible pizza-shaped PVC keyring.

TMNT Shredder's Revenge Special Signature Edition

Merge's Special Signature Edition for PlayStation 5 sells for $69.99 (£54.99/€64.99-£59.99/€69.99 for Europeans) and includes:

  • Standard edition copy of the game
  • One randomly selected Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eye mask (Players will receive either Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, OR Leonardo)
  • CD Soundtrack featuring 28 tracks presented in a pizza box-styled case
  • 4x 30mm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles metal pins
  • Metal Shredder keyring
  • Numbered autograph art card
  • 80mm sewer manhole cover metal coaster

The standard and Signature Editions are also available for Xbox, PlayStation 4,  Switch, and PC.

Both the standard and Special Signature Editions of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge can be found in-store at retailers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. To order, head to Shipping on the standard edition to the US is only ~$7, making the total cost of the order ~$42... Not a bad price for gamers who want to collect every edition of the latest and greatest TMNT game!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge supports up to 6-player local or online co-op, with the PlayStation version limited to 4 local players. See our co-op review for all the details!

Digital versions of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge sell for $24.99 on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam.