Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for February 2023
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for February 2023

Are you ready?!

We are all for choice here at Co-Optimus. Let the customer decide what they want we say! But to be perfectly honest? We do think ININ Games took it a bit too far this month with the various Ninja JaJaMaru compilations. Was it really necessary to offer so many versions with only slightly different content? Oh well, it is what it is. At least retro fans can finally enjoy the adventures of "Ninja Kid" on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. PC users, on the other hand, finally got the promised wave of Toaplan-Shoot'em-Up-Goodness courtesy of publisher Bitwave Games: Out Zone, Twin Cobra, Zero Wing and Truxton (no co-op) all hit the Steam store this month.

Of course, as always, not only retro gamers got their fix, there was also plenty of new stuff to add to the ever-growing pile. Besides the constant stream of survival horror- and escape room titles releasing in Steam Early Access, February also saw games like Wild HeartsTheatrhythm Final Bar Line, HELLCARD, Company of Heroes 3 and Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe hitting store shelves, as well as the long-awaited PSVR2 with an assortment of titles like After the FallDemeo, and Tetris Effect: Connected. So take a look below, grab a couple of friends and dive in!

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