• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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'Eresys' Will Unleash Co-op Lovecraftian Horror onto Steam Early Access on April 20
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'Eresys' Will Unleash Co-op Lovecraftian Horror onto Steam Early Access on April 20

Prepare to team up and thwart the Old Ones before they escape the island!

Indie horror games can be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes, you end with some something truly imaginative and frightening. Other times, you get Holy Purge (yikes). We certainly hope that Eresys will fall into the first category when it arrives on Steam Early Access on April 20. This one allows up to 4 online players to become cultists who must work to push back an invasion of Lovecraftian horrors in a dark forest. That certainly sounds spooky!

Eresys comes from Dragonis Games, a small indie developer responsible for another horror game called The Shore. This one ups the ante with a larger scale, improved graphics, and cooperative multiplayer. In the game's story, an expelled cult member has opened a void portal on a remote island, unleashing all kinds of Cthulhu monsters into the world. The remaining cult members must fight back by gathering resources and performing rituals in their desperate attempt to save the world.


The trailer and screenshots reveal a dark and atmospheric game with detailed forest environments and spooky altars. Eresys can be played solo or in co-op. When playing with friends, one player must carry a powerful book for the team. It doesn't look like players can actually kill the monstrosities that threaten them, but lamps (which consume oil) will repel the beasts for a time. Working together to perform all the necessary rituals before the monsters overtake the party should make for a tense, exciting co-op experience.

Speaking of spooky things, my biggest fear for the game is that its title will prevent it from selling well. Eresys just isn't a descriptive enough title. Perhaps a subtitle could clarify the premise or genre for potential players?

We'll see if Eresys finds its audience when it comes to Steam on Thursday, April 20. No price has been revealed yet.