Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for April 2023
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for April 2023

Of dogs, rats, and lots of co-op stats

Are you a fan of statistics? No? Oh well, here are some numbers anyway. In April, we counted 38 new co-op-releases on PC, 19 for the Switch, 13 on PlayStation 4, nine on Xbox consoles, and eight that were specifically optimized for PlayStation 5. And our database was expanded by another 111 titles, including all the relevant games from the Knights of Valour beat 'em up-series which was mainly released in Chinese arcades.

What you do with this information is of course totally up to you; we're just providing the facts here. You could, for example, thoroughly analyze these numbers and then release several hour-long essays on YouTube. On the other hand, you could take a look below to see what you might've missed, get a few friends, and play away - whichever makes more sense for you. We just want you to have fun!

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