Atomic Picnic

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Stylish Co-op Shooter 'Atomic Picnic' Announced for Steam Early Access
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Stylish Co-op Shooter 'Atomic Picnic' Announced for Steam Early Access

This colorful third-person shooter has open playtest this week.

Roguelike shooters come in many shapes and sizes. The recently announced Atomic Picnic from Brazilian developer BitCake Studio and Mad Mushroom utilizes a Splatoon-like third-person perspective and some genuinely look-looking characters. Up to four online players will get to team up and blast away at waves of enemies in colorful environments. Things are still early, but it looks like a fun, frenetic, and challenging game, and it will be coming to Steam Early Access in the spring.


  • Skillful Movement: Masterfully moving through each level, players experience a fast-paced and deep movement system, skillfully dashing and swinging around the world at high speeds.
  • Overpowered Builds: Going beyond the limits of their potential, players strive to defeat a nearly endless horde of adversaries. They will level up to unlock new abilities and weapon upgrades, experimenting with builds to find the perfect combination that will carry them to victory.
  • Massive Boss Fights: There’s nowhere to hide! Players will have to join together and strategize to take down massive, battlefield-sized monsters. 
  • Bullet Heaven with Friends: Atomic Picnic is the first co-op roguelike shooter that includes a “collect-a-thon” progression system of the “Survivors-like” genre. 
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream work: The game thrives on the pure joy and excitement of playing with friends. Air Gear in hand, players masterfully dash through ever-growing hordes at breakneck speeds, creating memorable moments of heroic teamwork in the face of chaos.
  • A Vibrant World with a Grim Backdrop: The world of Atomic Picnic is bright and colorful but the truth is dark and grim, with uninhabited lands infested with dangerous creatures. Loners brave these dangers for fame, loot, and glory!

Atomic Picnic

In addition to running and gunning, players have an energy-based grappling hook to help them get around. The result is lots of speed and vertical movement potential, based on the trailer footage.

Atomic Picnic will have an open playtest on Steam from December 11-18, so don't miss your chance to try the online co-op action. The full game will arrive via Steam Early Access in Spring 2024. Visit for more details.