• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Custom Mech Wars (From the Publisher of EDF) Out Now on PlayStation 5 and Steam
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Custom Mech Wars (From the Publisher of EDF) Out Now on PlayStation 5 and Steam

Design wacky mechs and complete co-op missions in D3 Publisher's quirky new game.

Japanese publisher D3 Publisher's Earth Defense Force series has always provided addictive co-op thrills. Now D3 Publisher (which has apparently been bought by Bandai Namco) has unleashed an exciting new title on PlayStation 5 and Steam called Custom Mech Wars. This one lets players design wildly inventive custom mechs and then tackle missions together in 4-player online co-op. Yeah, that sounds a lot like EDF but with even more mechs!


  • Build one-of-a-kind mechs using the Omega Customization System – Not being restricted to bipedal builds, freely customize mechs to include multiple heads, legs, and arms in whatever positions and angles imaginable. Depending on the parts used, the parameters will vary wildly, allowing players to build mechs with whatever abilities and fighting styles they wish!
  • Battle with Omega Customized mechs in this thrilling third-person action shooter – Arm a custom mech to the teeth with every weapon imaginable and blast through oncoming enemies. Experience the heart-pounding mecha action that only the uniquely-designed Omega Customized units can provide. Destroy enemy units, collect their parts, and customize mechs even more. Complete a variety of missions as players battle, customize, and then battle and customize some more!
  • Join forces with other players online in the competition between Omega Customized mechs – With support for online multiplayer, up to four players can cooperate to complete story missions just like in single-player mode. Experience the rush of tackling missions with friends and showing off personally-customized mechs.

Custom Mech Wars

Tanks a lot, lady!

Every word of that descriptions sounds like a recipe for fun. The launch trailer also does a fine job of selling the game, showing off Gundam-looking mechs, a humanoid lady mech, a mech that looks like a train with a head, and many more creative designs. Fans of the Earth Defense Force series generally know to expect a little jankiness from D3 Publisher's titles, but the quirks tend to be part of the charm.

Custom Mech Wars sells for $49.99 on PlayStation 5 and Steam. The game also comes in a $65 edition that bundles the game with the Earth Defense Force Collab DLC.