• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Polaris Promises Superhuman Co-op Action on PC Later This Year
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Polaris Promises Superhuman Co-op Action on PC Later This Year

Prepare to run, fly, and drive your way through this co-op shooter.

In the dystopian future, society has failed the general population, and nobody feels like they can fight back. That's where Polaris, an upcoming sci-fi shooter for Steam, comes in. Up to four online players will team up to fight the evil Regime using their guns and flight powers. Their battles will destroy not only friends and foes, but even buildings and terrain! Even in its current pre-alpha state, this one looks exciting.

In Polaris, gamers play as Skylancers, soldiers who can fly. Their mission is to take their planet back from the evil Regime. The game promises some impressive environmental destruction thanks to Unreal Engine 5. In fact, the developer lists the Earth Defense Force series as an influence. Those games feature excellent co-op and lots of destruction, and Polaris should do the same.



  • Fully destructable environments? Check
  • 4 player, co-op PvE gameplay? Check
  • Aerial, vehicular shooter combat? Check, check, and check!
  • Team up with 3 friends to eradicate oppressors who've colonized your homeworld.
  • Topple skyscrapers architecture— unleash your arsenal to wipe out your enemies
  • Take back your planet for good!

A beta is planned for later this summer. Sign up for it here.

Polaris will arrive on Steam sometime in 2024.