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Raiden Fighters Aces

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Co-Op Release Alert: Raiden Fighter Aces
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Co-Op Release Alert: Raiden Fighter Aces

Fans of the Raiden series of SHMUPs will be happy to know that the latest compilation for the Raiden Fighter Aces series has been released on the Xbox 360.  The set contains all three Raiden Fighter Aces games for $19.99.  Not content with just a straight two player co-op shooter, Valcon games has added some features.

The new features included a training mode that lets players modify every aspect of their ships and wingmen; skip to any level; or play in slow motion. There's a ton of screen and control settings that let gamers play each game full-screen as a side-scroller, or even vertically on a rotated 4:3 display.  Plus there's the ever popular graphical filtering options.

Finally if you want to show off your skills to your friends, or even your co-op sessions, you can upload replays of your game to the online leaderboards for other players to download and admire.  Not a bad deal for under $20.