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'Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked" Found on Wii
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'Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked" Found on Wii

The 'Lost in Blue' games have had some success on the Nintendo DS.  This fall, the survival adventure series will make the jump from handheld to home console with 'Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked" for the Wii.  The game sounds like a mix of Survivor, Lost, and the Harvest Moon titles.  Players are stranded on a mysterious island, and must learn how to survive.  The Wii remote will be used for all sorts of survival related tasks, such as making weapons, and constructing a shelter.  Of course, there is a whole island to explore, and players may eventually discover a way to escape the island, if they choose not to stay permanently.  Co-op details are very, very sparse as of yet:

Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! allows players to realistically practice survival tasks, with more than 40 mini-games including fishing, carpentry, fire-making and other all-new cooperative games

Previous titles in the series are primarily focused on the single player experience.  Multiplayer has taken the form of head to head minigames.  We hope that a full featured co-op experience will be available in 'Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked', as it would certainly be unique and quite compelling to work together with a partner to survive.  You can read more about the game at GameZone