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New Prince of Persia "Probably" Flying Solo
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New Prince of Persia "Probably" Flying Solo

Ubisoft recently announced a brand new Prince of Persia title, following on the success of their previous three games.  The new game is said to be a "reboot" of the series with a brand new illustrative art style, a more focused combat mechanic, and the addition of a companion for the new prince to assist him on his quest. 

Of course with such an announcement of a support character, we immediately wondered if that meant co-op.   Apparently so did Shacknews.  The game's producer, Ben Mattes, had this to say.

"Our official answer on that one is that there's no announced plans for now, but it's something we're considering and looking into. It's not the focus because Prince of Persia has always been about single player,  Obviously a game like this that has that element of choreography that really emphasizes every step, every move -- nailing that in terms of co-op would be a significant challenge. It's in our horizon, it's in the realm of possibility that we're investigating, but there's nothing formally announced yet."

So it seems the possibility is there, but don't get your hopes up.  We'll keep our ears to the ground and swords to the sky on this one in hopes for a little co-op lovin' in the Persian Empire.