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E3 2012: SteelSeries Loads Up On Licensed Products
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E3 2012: SteelSeries Loads Up On Licensed Products

SteelSeries, makers of gaming peripherals, came out swinging at E3 2012 this year with five product announcements all centered around partnerships with groups and games within the industry.  We got some eyes on time with all of them at the show and there's definitely a commitment to quality and detail here.  Let's look at what's available.


Guild Wars 2 branded peripherals are coming to SteelSeries with both mouse pads and mice being available.  The mouse features a rubberized coating to reduce moisture, a nylon cord, and of course Guild Wars 2 branding.  To go along with the mouse, their famous mouse pads will also be available with some really details GW2 artwork - honestly it looked like the artist drew directly on these pads.  Very slick.  Finally a Guild Wars 2 branded headset is available with some unique features - detachable cables, daisy chain ability, and what we were told was some of the best drivers available.  Sadly we weren't able to hear them at the show.

Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse:  $69.99 (TBD)
Guild Wars 2 Headset:  $99.99 (TBD)
Guild Wars 2 QCK Mousepads: $14.99 (TBD)


The next set of peripherals comes from a partnership with Valve, bringing both DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike Go products to the masses.  Both mice are based on the Kana line of mice, but feature different touches for their respective games.  There will also be a CS Go branded Siberia headset available.

DOTA 2 Bundle:  $64.99 (TBD)
CS GO Bundle: $64.99 (TBD)
CS GO Headset: $99.99 (TBD)

SteelSeries have also partnered with the MLG to bring branded peripherals.  We were told that despite this mouse being made of plastic, it actually has a unique metal coating making it FEEL like metal and adding to its durability.  The DPI sensor on it?  It can go over 16,000 DPI.  We might as well have a spectron microscope for a sensor.

Price:  $99
Available:  August, 2012

Finally there's a new World of Warcraft mouse coming created entirely from fan feedback.  It's fully wireless and features a slick looking charging cradle.  It also has the ability to recharge via USB while using it.  The button placement has been tweaked from the Cataclysm mouse and the overall feel has been refined.

Price:  $129.99
Available: Q3 2012