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Co-Op Bill of Rights Revisited
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Co-Op Bill of Rights Revisited

The fine folks over at 1UP are taking a look at the Co-Op Bill of Rights again; this time interviewing the author of it, Andre Vrignaud

1UP discusses just how well received this document was within the gaming community, as well as at Andre's own Microsoft.  Of course everyone wants to know the feasibility of making something like this stick.  "It's up to the game developers to innovate on the platform as they see fit," says Vrignaud, "If we can help with ideas... great!"

Another interesting topic brought up is something of a new phenomina, something that I say is nice to have.  We are seeing some high profile games claiming to have 4 and 8 person co-op (like Resistance 2), but is more always better?  Probably not says Vrignaud, as you add more people communication begins to break down with people talking over each other.  "If the communication aspect is breaking down, maybe they need to rethink whether or not it's really a co-op experience."

It's good to see our Bill of Rights as co-op gamers getting such attention from high profile sites like 1UP.com.  This year has been an amazing year so far for fans of co-op with more and more games including it standard - lets just hope they begin to do it properly instead of adding it for a bullet point on the back of their box.