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Ensemble Studios Rise from the Ashes Anew
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Ensemble Studios Rise from the Ashes Anew

With the recent success of the Halo Wars Demo even before the games release, many people wondered what would happen to Ensemble Studios, who officially announced their closure last month. Microsoft had taken steps to close down Ensemble after the release of Halo Wars, but the success of the developer means they weren't quite ready to go quietly.

In this case, the eminent demise of Ensemble Studios has made way for the creation of a new studio, Robot Entertainment. Many of the long-time Ensemble employees, including its co-founder Tony Goodman, have taken their loss, and turned it into something to grow on. Will we see more wonderfully crafted console RTS's (please say yes), PC exclusive titles, or something different all together?

I suppose only time will tell, but we're happy to see these guys stick around, even if it's under a different banner.

Source: Gamasutra.com