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Beautiful Chaos - Frozenbyte Calls Trine Project "A Big Mess"
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Beautiful Chaos - Frozenbyte Calls Trine Project "A Big Mess"

Spokesperson Joel Kinnunen says that developer Frozenbyte is satisfied with the wonky price point difference between PC and PlayStation 3 versions, the lack of online co-op, and the non-existent PlayStation Network release date for their highly-regarded title Trine.

So what exactly, then, could they possible complain about? Apparently, the above-mentioned issues are small game compared to the complexity and frustration just getting the game onto your platform of choice, and Eurogamer got the scoop from Joel: 


"Trine as a project is a big opposed to Trine as a game, which is pretty sweet. Ultimately it's the game part that really matters and helps us sleep at night, though."


This is Joel attempting to neutralize the gag reflex when asked about Trine's development. With blissfully cheerful admittance, he dropped a few statements that shed some light on the tangle that was their first project on a console:


"We would love to have the game sold at the same price point across all platforms and methods, but these things are sometimes unbelievably complex when there's so many partners involved. The same goes for the EUR/USD disparity, it's just out of our hands.

We never had the same problems in this scale with our Shadowgrounds games so this whole situation caught us by surprise. We'll be better prepared in the future.

As for the PSN release date, I think your guess is as good as mine. It's in the process of going through all the checks and such, so right now I'm not sure how long it's going to take or if we have to do some final fixes. If it gets through OK, then I'm sure the release date will be announced shortly."


He was asked also about the possibility of an Xbox Live Arcade release...


"...we want Trine to be on XBLA but it, too, is out of our hands. We're working with Atlus to make it happen but it depends on so many things again.

You know, at one point Trine was a PC-only game. That's how it started. We're really happy that it's coming to PSN and if we get it to XBLA, then we're even happier. The problem is that this is not really the optimal way to do a game (or a game launch)."


Amongst all this "mess" you'll find a solid co-op title, currently available for $30 on the PC and coming to the PlayStation Network for $20. You could say that we're thankful for the hard work that Frozenbyte did in order to stay asleep at night, because we reap the benefits.