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Amazon Launches Beatles Store, Featuring The Beatles: Rock Band
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Amazon Launches Beatles Store, Featuring The Beatles: Rock Band

You'll recall that The Beatles: Rock Band will be released on 9/09/09, just about a month and a half from now.  As with most other music games, there are all sorts of bundles, including limited edition guitars, drums, etc.  When you multiply all of those bundles times three, one for each console, there's going to be a lot of Beatles product out there.

Adding to the boatload of Beatles stuff are remastered releases of all their albums, including the obligatory boxed sets (stereo and MONO versions? wow).  How is one supposed to keep track of it all?  And what if you want a Beatles T-shirt, board game, or other cool swag?

Lucky for you, Amazon has all your Beatles stuff in one place.  The recently launched Beatles Store is the place to go for all things Beatle.  The video game is featured prominently, and there are several screenshots for you to check out as well.  Remember, purchasing anything from Amazon supports Co-Optimus!


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