The Beatles: Rock Band

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This Week in Co-Op: The Beatles Rock Band
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This Week in Co-Op: The Beatles Rock Band

After an exciting performance of "I want to Hold your Hand" out of Billy and the Co-Opticrew at PAX 2009, it was time for the band to break up and head their respective ways.  Sadly when I arrived home from the show there was no Beatles to be found in my house.  This simply did not sit well with my wife, and after several not so subtle hints - including her telling our 6 month old to ask me for game - it was time to trade in some games and pick up the Fab 4's videogame debut.

I wouldn't classify myself as a Beatles fan so much as I just generally enjoy their music.  My father owns every single album in record format, so I had spent plenty of time listening to their songs growing up, and know just about all the songs available on the disc.

Once the little one was placed in bed we snuck down to the basement, closed the theater door, and cranked up the volume.  Immediately we were greeted with one of the most beautiful intros to a game I've seen in years.  

"What song should we play first?" I asked.

No decision needed to be made, we dove right into the career story mode.  She took vocals and I took Guitar.  As we made our way through the Beatles career, we couldn't help but smile when we started to Twist and Shout in the Cavern Club.  It's almost impossible not to feel good while singing Can't Buy Me Love.  It was pretty easy to laugh at my wife trying to sing Yellow Submarine as well.

Before we knew it a few hours had passed, a few glasses of adult beverages were drank, and the Beatles game had just about come to an end.  It was nice to escape away from life, transport ourselves back 40 years and enjoy music that truly seems timeless.  I definitely can't wait to see my dad's reaction to the game as someone who lived through that time.