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I've only Smurfing Brave'd TMNT!

This Week in Co-Op: A Trueachievement Trawl

Hello Co-Optimus, my name is Samoza and I am an Achievement Addict.  Whilst many people enjoyed the achievement and trophy agenda that sweeped the last generation, they no longer really hold the attention they once did.  However, for an unlucky few, achievements continue to haunt us.  My name is Samoza and I currently have a gamerscore of 182,641.

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To know your co-op partner, you must know yourself first.

This Week in Co-Op: Finding a Middle Ground in Co-Op

Once again, my main co-op partner in crime, Richie, and I decided to switch things up from our usual routine and give a completely different game a go for once (we seldom break away from GTA Online or Awesomenauts these days). Since we couldn't decide on what to play, we tried to come to find a game that would satisfy both our likings. After much deliberation, we landed on an old favorite: Perfect Dark HD, mainly because we had the game sitting in our backlog for quite some time. Though I still don't know what happened to my original N64 cartridge of Perfect Dark, we both had downloaded the XBLA version (developed by 4J Studios) for an incredibly low price.

by Jason Love 0
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Mike and Jason Venture Forth Into a Dark Realm

This Week in Co-Op - The Secret World of Dana Scully and Doc Brown

“So what do you want to play for our TWICO article, Mike,” I asked. “Well… there’s always Diablo,” he replied. “I think folks have probably had enough of that for now,” I said. “Have you checked out The Secret World,” he then inquired. With that simple question, the characters of Dana “Frumpypants” Scully and John “Doc-Brown” Lovegood were born.

by Locke Vincent 4
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A Co-Op Partner is Like Mouthwash

This Week In Co-Op: Hunting For the Demon's Forge

When Eric and I were deciding on a game to play for TWIC we ran through a plethora of titles that would work just fine but outside forces stopped us from finding that perfect title. One of us would not own a game the other chose, or when we did own the game it would be on the wrong platform. For whatever reason; call it luck, destiny, or predetermination, fate would conspire to finally find the game that we were to play together.

by Andrew Gaskill 0

This Week in Co-Op: Spotting and Sniping in Sniper Elite V2 (Warning: Video Includes an Abundance of Headshots)

Jason     On the heels of his return from E3, I asked Andrew what game he wanted to play for our This Week in Co-Op piece. “I’m feeling something shooty,” he said. “Have you tried that Sniper Elite V2 game yet?” I had not. It was a game that had flown under my radar, but I was willing to give it a shot. The backup plan was Outland, a game that is decidedly not “shooty,” but still fun. So after I got home from work, I downloaded the demo and started playing. Within the first minute of play, I watched my slow motion bullet tear through a guy’s skull and explode out the other side...

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This Week in Co-Op: Chris Teaches Paul Minecraft

Chris says: I find it hard to believe that I’ve been with Co-Optimus for almost half a year now. Time sure does fly when you’re writing about things you like. I feel like I’ve grown more as a writer than I ever have before. But other than my participation in staff meetings and the various pizza lunches with boss man, Nick, I don’t really play with these guys as much as I’d like. That’s why I got excited when Paul and I were being paired up for a co-op session, especially since we were going to play a game I have been going gaga over lately: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

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