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Spawn Labs HD-720 - Couch Co-Op Without the Couch?
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Spawn Labs HD-720 - Couch Co-Op Without the Couch?

Here's a new one for you!

We've all heard of OnLive, right? The service that will let you stream the audio and video outputs of your favorite single-player games to your computer, using remote equipment for the actual processing?

Spawn Labs wants to go a little bit farther than that: the HD-720 is a platform that supposedly connects your video game console to your broadband connection, so that you can stream your games remotely to you. Furthermore, this new technology can reportedly stream the same output to multiple locations, turning an offline-only or splitscreen game (couch co-op, as we like to call it) into an online co-op game.

Oddly, the HD-720 only supports the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube (yes, you read that correctly). Controller adapters -- each of which are specific to one console type -- cost $29.95 apiece, and the unit itself runs $199.95.

While this tech certainly seems cool, its sudden appearance on the market and its "$XX.95" pricing reek of an As Seen On TV product that just barely missed the Billy Mays boat. Either way, bringing gamers together in new and inventive ways is definitely co-op; we'll watch this if anything good comes of it.