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Trine Finally Arrives on PSN Today, XBLA version in Jeopardy
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Trine Finally Arrives on PSN Today, XBLA version in Jeopardy

After almost 4 months of waiting, PlayStation owners will finally get their hands on the three player co-op title Trine.  Developed by FrozenByte Software, the game is a physics based puzzle/platformer that puts players in the role of the Wizard, Thief, or Knight.  We really enjoyed the PC game, and have high expectations for the PSN version - we just wish the extra time was used to add online co-op.  Sadly, it's still missing.  Last we heard the game is priced at $20.  

GamingNexus recently sat down with the a few team members of the game and got to ask some pretty interesting questions regarding Trine.  Of course, co-op is mentioned.

Trine has some pretty fantastic co-op gameplay as well as physics based gameplay. Which of these was harder to design around and why? 
Physics-based gameplay was something that hadn’t been done in too many games to this extent before, so we actually had to invent some of the things ourselves. Co-op came together with the solid single player experience, which was the main goal originally. We designed each level to support each of the characters (in most cases) so co-op didn’t actually add much to the design burden. 

 Sadly one bit of information that came from the interview is that the Xbox 360 version might be cancelled, despite them having code up and running for it already.   Be sure to check out the full interview right here.

Update:  It looks like the US PSN Store did not get Trine this week.  The waiting continues...