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'Splosion Man

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'Splosion Man Sweep'steaks'
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'Splosion Man Sweep'steaks'

'Splosion Man swept us off our co-op loving feet this summer. Now, Twisted Pixel, the studio behind 'Splosion Man, has teamed up with Omaha Steaks to bring you a very - er - interesting sweepstakes. Play 'Splosion Man, win Filet Mignon. Seriously.

First, check your Xbox Live account information to make sure it's up to date and accurate. Next, register for the sweepstakes by downloading the 'Splosion Man sweepstakes gamer picture between October 22nd and November 22nd for free. Finally, play 'Splosion Man co-op (one entry per multiplayer log-in, up to 5 entries per person) to win!

You should check the rules and eligibility to make sure you qualify before drooling too much. If you do meet all necessary criteria, you could win one of these prizes just for playing co-op:

1 Grand prize of:

* (10) Exclusive Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon Packages (each package includes 2 – 5 oz. filets)
* Omaha Steaks Reward Gift Card ($20.00)
* Sanyo Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill

90 First Prizes:

* Exclusive Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon Package (includes 2 – 5 oz. filets)
* Omaha Steaks Reward Gift Card ($20.00)

700 Second Prizes:

* Omaha Steaks Reward Gift Card ($20.00)

We weren't lying when you said you'd win steak. Vegetarians beware. Everyone else, go register and co-op immediately.